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What community means to entrepreneurs

What community means to entrepreneurs

A community is a group of people living in the same geographic area, or having a particular characteristic in common (such as the “small business ownership community” or a church community).   

Your own network of social relationships may include many communities:  your school community, your work community, your church community, your Fitness Club community, etc.   

People crave a sense of connection with others, and being part of a community brings a feeling of fellowship with others because of your common attitudes, interests, and goals.  A community brings people together in ways that allow them to do things they couldn’t have done in isolation.   

My community of small business entrepreneurs has helped me weather the storm of the global pandemic by providing insight and support.  My NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) Chicago community has provided networking opportunities.   

We recently asked several people in our Reconciled Solutions community what community means to them. Read their thoughts below.

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Kitty Conroy, part of our team here at Reconciled Solutions, said:

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What does community mean to you?

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