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About Patriot

I take my role in Stress Management very seriously.  I love to spend time in the office with Angie, usually under her desk.  I promote relaxation and alleviate the symptoms of stress.  Science proves that I – and all my fellow canines – can lower the stress hormone cortisol and bring down blood pressure.  I’m very good at my job.   

 My previous experience includes 8 years with the Noll family, where I help them create wonderful memories and keep them all aware of passers-by.   

Education & Certifications

Proud graduate of Doggy Obedience School. Voted “Noll Favorite Dog” 7 years in a row.

Personal Interests

I love to take walks, chase squirrels, and play with my human family. I also share a deep interest in driving around in the big trucks and bacon.