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Small Business Accounting

Putting You On a Permanent Path To Financial Wellness

Has your business got you running around like a chicken with your head cut-off?

Are you working your butt off going around in circles, but not making a profit?

Then it may be time for a new sort of accountability.  Even if you have “a lot of sales”, you may see new problems arise in your business as a result of positive growth and wind up like a headless chicken without a good framework for managing your income and expenses.  What if you could turn a profit from your next deposit?  We’ll perform a FREE INSTANT PROFIT ASSESSMENT of your business and do a full scale evaluation of your processes and technology.  Our goal is not to change your habits, but leverage them while removing the temptation to drain your profits.

Did you start a new business and somewhere along the way, you lost your True North?

Your entrepreneurial spirit is the driving force behind that great business idea you originally had, and we would never want to change that. Ultimately you’re the kind of people who help improve the lives of others with your products and services.  But as entrepreneurs, we can try to wear too many hats and tend to take on too much, getting side-tracked from what will make our idea most successfull.  At Reconciled Solutions, we will perform a FREE INSTANT PROFIT ASSESSMENT to help identify what is and isn’t working.  Then, we’ll make recommendations and implement proven solutions that combine the Profit First formula without our unique approach to process improvement, along with powerful cloud accounting.  Our goal is to give you back the confidence and freedom you need to pursue your vision with more time (control) to live your life, and more money (profits) to enjoy it.

Do you dread thinking about the financial & accounting functions of your small business?

When it comes to accounting and finances, procrastination is a common problem with even the most successful entrepreneurs. That’s because the job of the entrepreneur is full of the unknown: from managing staff to creating innovative products, selling your fabulous wares, executing your product and plan, collections, paying vendors, employee payroll and taxes and oh, don’t forget you also need to eat and sleep! Even if sales are on the increase, making good business decisions will be difficult without accurate, timely financial data. If messy financial and back-end processes are burdening you and your business, perhaps it is time for a Fixer Upper! With our FREE INSTANT PROFIT ASSESSMENT we can scale your business with accuracy and open-door visibility through cloud accounting and business coaching support. We do more than just reconcile the books and implement paperless systems! We will create a solid accounting foundation and open up the door to systematizing and scalability so that you can regain your sanity!

Chicken cartoon with head cut off running small business accounting
screen shot of Quickbooks small business accounting

Integrating best practices and technology.

Whether you are a start-up or need someone to review existing set-up and procedures, or want to outsource or hire someone full time, we can help you on your way to a healthy balance sheet and peace of mind.

(Starting at $219/month)

At Reconciled Solutions, providing visibility and clarity to our clients’ financials establishes the groundwork to build organizational efficiency and technological advancement.We believe that understanding your financials is critical to the success of a growing business. Let Reconciled Solutions support you by providing you with real-time, accurate accounting and bookkeeping support. We offer “reconciled solutions” to fit every size and stage of business.
All new clients will receive exposure to Profit First Concepts from our team of expert Cash Flow Advisors.
A LARGE CLIENT gets everything in the small and medium package in addition to the large package.
  • Startup Solution

  • Reconciled Solutions would be responsible for: 

    • Downloading and categorizing up to 100 transactions/month or 300/quarter from bank and credit card feeds. No manual transaction entry permitted.
    • Reconciling up to 5 bank accounts and 2 credit card accounts monthly or quarterly.
    • Reconciling Balance Sheet accounts (i.e., loans & accounts receivables) once/quarter.
    • Addressing accounting issues that arise (not past issues), such as: unapplied payments, undeposited funds, bounced checks, insufficient funds, client refunds, vendor refunds, loan and interest payments, depreciation expenses, etc.
    • Preparing quarterly financial reports, plus a 3-6 minute loom video walking you through your financials and performance.  In the video, we would discuss if you need to set money aside for an estimated tax payment.
    • Setting a closing password on the quarter.
    • Responding to clients with a turnaround time of 1 week.

    You would be responsible for: 

    • Invoicing your clients and following up on past due receivables.
    • Recording payments in QBO when received from clients.
    • Paying your own bills and credit card payments.
    • Cash flow management (i.e., transferring funds amongst accounts as needed).

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  • Balanced Solution

    • Download transactions and categorize twice/month.
    • Bank and credit card reconciliations once/month.
    • Profit and loss and balance sheet reports – automated by the 20th of the month.
    • Onboarding meeting to clarify financial goals, 3 additional meetings after months 1-2-3 of service completion to ensure that we are following requested protocol and that you are able to have specific, measurable data and reporting that supports greater business goals.
    • Quarterly 3-7 minute Loom video walking client through past quarter financials.
    • Maintaining safe internet and identity protection habits.
    • Match QBO file to tax return and close year upon completion.
    • Once/year strategy meeting with Angie.
    • Issue turnaround 3 business days or less.

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  • Integrated Solution

    • Monthly 3-7 minute Loom video walking client through past month’s financials.
    • Accounts receivables follow up and managing past due collections.
    • Accounts payables/managing bills and vendors.
    • Bill pay and cash flow management twice/month.
    • Managing subcontractors’ pay twice/month.
    • Tax organization, statement and receipt management via Hubdoc software (subscription price included).
    • Sales tax forms and payments as required by agency.
    • Quarterly balance sheet account reconciliation.
    • Third party software ongoing support.
    • Income tax liability savings plans and quarterly estimated tax payments.
    • Developing employment pay scale and structure.
    • Liaison to accountant, attorneys, and financial planners.
    • Twice/year strategy meetings with Angie.
    • Issue turnaround 2 business days or less.

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  • Unified Solution

    • Building and running custom reports to client specification.
    • Workers comp audits.
    • Liaison to insurance policy review and management.
    • Managing retirement plans and contributions.
    • Managing overtime requirements.
    • Contract negotiation.
    • Liaison to bankers and other financial institutions.
    • Setting up subcontractor agreements.
    • Sales commissions, bonus, and royalties management.
    • Owners pay assessments and feasibility.
    • Business process improvement.
    • Third party software recommendations, implementation and staff training.
    • Third party software ongoing support.
    • Budgeting and forecasting.
    • Managing inventory in QBO.
    • Quarterly strategy meetings with Angie.
    • Issue turnaround 1 business day or less.

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