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Reducing Tax Season Stress | Money Skills for Therapists

Reducing Tax Season Stress | Money Skills for Therapists

“That is the good thing to know about money is that it is not permanent. I like to call money a renewable resource because if you lose it all, that’s okay! You can! You can lose it all, and you can still come back stronger than ever!”

~Angie Noll

In this episode…

Does tax season have you feeling fearful and overwhelmed? Are you hoping to set yourself up this year to have a better experience by the time taxes for 2022 are due? Listen in as Linzy talks with Angie Noll, a bookkeeper who focuses on helping people in private practice take charge of their finances in order to get their money working for them.

Angie gives some great actionable tips that we as private practice owners can implement right now to improve how your financials are working for you, and she talks about what you can do today to get better control over your finances as we move forward in 2022. Angie also shares how looking at your finances more routinely can help you take stock of what is working and what can be done to improve your work/life balance to ensure you’re looking at the whole picture.

Do not miss this practical episode full of great ideas just in time for tax season!

Angie Noll