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Evaluating Options for Improving Technology

Evaluating Options for Improving Technology

Evaluating Options for Improving Technology

In our time-starved rush/rush environment today, all of us, business owners, executives and individuals and families alike are trying to get more done in less time. Many of us realize the key to running a decidedly busy life is to improve our efficiency and organizational processes. I am often asking myself as a business owner, and chief operations manager of a busy family and personal life if I have the best processes in place to manage my time most efficiently. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, how can I best utilize mine?

To that end, technology often comes to mind for me. Am I utilizing it well? Is tech making my life easier or harder? Am I actually present when it comes to speaking to my clients, loved ones, and friends when my extremely smart phone is dangling from my free hand? Am I spending too much/not enough on gadgets to be more efficient? Do I actually know how to fully utilize the products I do own? To that end, I recently joined a group that focuses on Technology via my membership in NAPO(National Assn. of Professional Organizers). The purpose of our Tech Group is to evaluate and identify key areas where Tech can make our lives easier, more organized, more efficient, less frantic! Mmmm, doesn’t that sound good?

In a rapidly changing environment of new product availability, our little group of organizer devotees laid out criteria to judge the effectiveness of new technology. That in itself is a masterpiece that I think is blog-worthy. We determined what it is that we are trying to judge. From one time-starved individual to the next, criteria were built that will help us review all technology to see if the tech has a place in our own busy lives and in the lives of our clients. In efforts for us all to be a little more efficient and organized, I wanted to share these criteria. I think that we are all in the midst of figuring out a better way for systems in our personal lives, in our workplaces, in our own minds, where storage space seems to be creeping toward capacity. Perhaps the next time you are evaluating what might work for you, this list of criteria can come to mind.

  • Longevity-is this vendor in the market for the long haul or are they in Beta mode?
  • Flexibility/Ease of use?
  • Availability of support?
  • Convertibility to other programs?
  • Growing and changing with time?
  • Integrates with other technology?
  • Cloud compatibility?
  • Has an app on iOS and Android?
  • Cost and availability?



Angie Noll