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Do I need a Bookkeeper or a Business Consultant?

Bookkeeper Business Consultant

Do I need a Bookkeeper or a Business Consultant?

The buzz in the accounting industry right now is all about having the right suite of technology to optimize your business properly. We certainly are trying to answer that question everyday at Reconciled Solutions. What is the best, most efficient, and most cost-effective way that our clients can get stuff done in their businesses? In addition to being expert in QuickBooks and bookkeeping, we are always pushing the envelope to help small businesses stay on top of best practices and processes.

As a business owner myself, I am faced with the same questions as my clients are in optimizing my business. Things like, “this is too time-consuming, isn’t there an easier way?” and “I hate doing this task, am I making enough money to outsource it to somebody else or is there a tech fix for this?” This particular question pops in my brain every day… “ If I could systematize this task, then could I pass it to somebody else and optimize my time even more?

If you, too, are facing these questions in your business, ask your bookkeeper for some direction! We are working our very best to optimize systems and processes for you, with your success and profitability at the top of our minds. Here are some of the things that we have discussed with our clients this tax season:

  • If I change the sales commission program, how can we track the performance?
  • I am spending my time converting emails to invoices and expense reports. Isn’t there an easier way to track this?
  • Can I afford to hire somebody to help me with a given task?
  • I am doing this process manually. Is there an app to improve efficiency?
  • How can I get a better glimpse into cash management planning?
  • How do I handle collections better? What should I say to my customers to improve speed of Accounts Receivables?
  • Is this software program a good fit for my business?
  • How do I measure time and billing more effectively?

Look around at all the great resources you already have at your fingertips, chances are, your bookkeeper is a great place to start asking. We have a knack for recognizing the repeatable and developing systems that support a changing business environment. Perhaps it is time for a new sort of accountability.


Angie Noll