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Profit First

A non-traditional, simplified and holistic approach to accounting that helps any small business or entrepreneur become fiscally strong and financially sound

Within 12 months of trying the Profit First method, Angie's firm was up 42% in revenue

How It Works

Profit First works by applying Parkinson’s Law (behavioral psychology).  This theory presumes that we learn to spend less on expenses and resources, when we reduce the money available for them.  The Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) of profits equal revenue minus expenses is turned around by the Profit First method:

Profit First Professional Angie Noll

I started my company back in 2007 and for years I struggled and stressed about my business. I came across Profit First in 2016 and implemented it immediately.  After 2 months of doing Profit First for myself I was stressing less, acting with more confidence, and making better decisions. I even slept better at night! I knew I had to do this for others and became a Profit First Professional.

I started off by doing what I before would have thought, the unthinkable - I fired a client! I removed a toxic cLient that was 30% of my business, but because of Profit First, we have not only managed; we have flourished! We quickly replaced that business with better, more profitable clients. I'm happy, confident and profitable and my clients are experiencing meaningful results.

Pay 1st

Profit Allocation

A savings account to accumulate profits.

Pay 2nd

Owner's Wage

An account allocated for payment of your salary.

Pay 3rd


An account used for payment of taxes.

Pay 4th

Operating Expenses

An account used for payment of day-to-day operating expenses.


Download the first 5 chapters of Profit First, written by award winning, best-selling author, Mike Michalowicz as our gift to help you on you new and profitable journey to managing your business’ finances. The Profit First method won’t turn you into an accountant, but transforms the way you view your finances and how you control money in and out of your business, ensuring you always get paid first.

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On Angie Noll:

Watch this video of Mike Michalowicz talking about our Profit First services

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Our integration services merge information from your third party CRM, eCommerce and other applications into QuickBooks to help you synchronize a wide range of information you use to run your business:

Time Tracking


Expense Reporting and Reimbursements

Online Shopping Carts

Collecting Payments Online

Small Business Funding

Integrated Customer Relationship Management

Document Fetching and Sync with Accounting

Inventory, Order Management, and Manufacturing

We are uniquely familiar with these apps:

Illustration demonstrating Quickbooks Integration with other software applications
Shopify integrates with Quickbooks for Profit First
PayPal integrates with Quickbooks for Profit First
Hubdoc integrates with Quickbooks for Profit First
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