It was a great call today.  I am so excited about Profit First.  This is one of the best things that I have done.  I'm getting so much of a better understanding of my business!  While I have been working on my business in other ways, I think this is the final and one of the most important steps of working on my business and not in my business.
Kristine Smith CEO/Co-Founder InSpira Performing Arts & Cultural Center,
Angie has worked for me for six years. She helped me keep my personal and business finances in excellent order. She has helped me sort through a tax audit, tax preparations, and general cash flow management. I don’t know what I would do without her! She keeps me organized and on track and making sure that I am taking advantage of today’s financial tips and tricks. Thanks, Angie.
Joyce Sloan, Sloan Commercial,
Angie’s expertise was a god send for my start-up business. She’s my go-to resource when I need to tackle financial questions and matters. When I first met her, I knew I needed to put together a budget, revenue projections and goals. But I kept procrastinating, even though I have the skill set to do all three. As a result, her first task was very simply getting me to ease up on the idea that I should be handling all of the financials on my own. Then we sat down for a solid 3-4 hour session in which she very methodically and logically walked me through the budget-setting process. Her guidance, questions and input were key in producing a realistic budget from which I’ve been operating all year. In addition, and perhaps even more importantly, she helped me total the true costs of adding a new client to my email program and convinced me that I needed to institute a set-up fee, which I’ve happily done. She also helped me flesh out job and compensation details for two part-time positions, which was necessary for the budget but still seemed a bit above and beyond the call of duty. All of this was invaluable and helped me move forward much more quickly (and realistically) than if I’d done it on my own. We’re now in the process of reviewing the budget and comparing it to the P&L every couple of months. It’s great for me to have some accountability there and someone to give the numbers a second look (besides my accountant). I look forward to working with her for many years to come and seeking her expertise and input as my company continues to grow.
Angi S.,
Before Angie has taken care of our accounting software needs, our books where a mess. Angie started professionally by pointing out the major problems with our old file and started a new file on the correct basis and gave us the guidance on how to continue to use QuickBooks without running into the same old issues. Today we have a new file with the correct numbers and we are able to produce our financial statements easily and accurately with her wonderful help, hard work and professional attitude. She will train your staff and write guidance lines for them for future use. I highly recommend Angie for any book keeping and/or accounting job that your company might have, I’m sure she will do a great job at she did at OCG!
Abdullah D.,
Angie has helped our new business tremendously. She is patient, organized and always there to answer questions. We highly recommend Angie!
Stacy F.,
As a business owner in a creative industry I struggle to keep track of money matters and organization. Angie is an Angel! She reminds me of upcoming deadlines and helps me organize and prioritize.
Candy S.,
Angie Noll is worth her weight in gold to my company. Beyond having the necessary skills and knowledge, she is a good systems thinker, hyper-organized, forward-thinking, and strategic. She’s great at following up, pursuing you like Ahab chasing the whale if she doesn’t get your financial information on time, but always with a good attitude. Keep her close to count your numbers.
Gail H.,
Dear Angie, I wanted to let you know how meeting with you has transformed things for me. Here’s what has happened since I met with you and you used your mad rockstar skills:
  1. less Starbucks
  2. a $5K raise
  3. moving to the upstairs unit in my building which is $425 less!!!
  4. The University has hired me to teach in the fall for the quarter which is about $400 a month
  5. I got officially divorced. I’m paying my lawyer $400 per month through October and then will have that income back.
  6. Paid off my dental bills.
  7. decreased my internet bill
  8. started going to church
  9. started believing I can do this
  10. continue to work the plan and the most recent thing…
  11. am getting paid by University #2 to write their letters!!! That one is all because of you!
KJ H.,
Angie, as I gather our financial information to complete our personal and business tax requirements for last year, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much my wife, and I appreciate what a help you have been to us. It was a terribly stressful year for my wife and I financially because of the economy and health problems I had to deal with. My wife and I had a difficult time communicating with each other on how to handle things. My daughter realized this, and made contact with you to help. I was reluctant at first, but realized quickly after we met you. That your knowledge, and ability to analyze the problem, and put a plan in motion to get things back on track. Was what we needed. Also, you were very understanding and able to communicate in a way that made both my wife, and I comfortable. My wife and I are glad we met you. and would highly recommend you and your financial services to everyone we know. You delivered more help and professionalism than we expected.
Tom and Dawn,