Having a hard time figuring out where all your money went or getting ahead enough to make a budget? Here is your chance to begin establishing financial well-being from what may be financial chaos. This Package is perfect for those people who are:

  • Fighting about money in their marriage
  • Newly divorced individuals or someone who lost a loved one and has had drastic changes in their finances
  • Individuals who are spending too much on late fees and interest payments and are getting behind on debts


Let Norita Co. help you with a Personal Budgeting Consultation. This is an invitation to create a budget that is authentic to you and your life. It begins with a fresh set of eyes to bring light in a different way to issues that have been on your mind for too long.


$449 Package includes:

  • 3-4 hour on-site meeting to review personal income and expenses
  • Follow-up budget plan outline
  • “SMART”Action items to support your goals
  • 30-min phone consultation to be used within 1 year of on-site meeting