What keeps you from sleep at night? Things that keep me up at night include wondering if I am a good mother/wife/daughter/sister/friend, my insurmountable to-do list, ISIS, client and employee concerns, bad choices I have made in the past, why “everyone” in my family has cancer, and the lack of leadership in the upcoming presidential election. When it comes to my contingency planning, however, I never lose a wink of shut eye! I am confident in my plan for the future, even if the worst happens. I have to tell you, this is such a relief!

It wasn’t always that way, in fact, until recently, I could add several more things to my sleeplessness list: what happens to the kids if I get sick or die, what happens to me if my bread-winner hubby gets sick or dies, how come I am paying so darn much in taxes, can we afford our mortgage/car payment/child care and what if my kids get sick or die? Thankfully, age and wisdom has eased some of these concerns, but mostly, I can get a good night’s sleep because I have invested in good planning. I am lucky to be in a business where I get to meet all kinds of wonderful and talented individuals providing such services as Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Financial Planning and Insurance Planning.   We have a team of professionals that have put together the best they can for us and to that end, I know what Plan B is and I am pretty comfortable with it! It lets me sleep at night.

It was not always this way, though. Years ago, I used to think that if my hubby died or got sick that I would pull the kids out of their home and school, and find something smaller and easier to pay for. I would have to shut down my beloved business that I have nursed and grown from a hope and a dream so that I could start looking for a corporate job with benefits. However, my Plan B allows me to stay in this home! I get to keep my kids in their schools! I get to keep my business open and keep helping people find financial peace of mind.

In the past, I never thought I could afford such frivolities, but the truth is, I can and so can you! I see many clients who are fearful of their future, fearful of facing the idea that life might change, fearful of learning about good planning and then trusting in it. I can guarantee that life is, in fact, changing and that you can plan for it, with confidence and for once, get a good night’s sleep. Look around you and reach out to the person whom you know and trust who you think has good money habits and ask them to help you get started. Earn yourself a good night’s sleep and don’t forget to pat yourself on the back when you wake up refreshed and ready for new changes and challenges. Can you afford financial peace of mind? How can you afford not to?